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Terms & Conditions for
First Class Chauffeur Services NI

Please note that our cars are cleaned every day and after each passenger inside and out but if the weather is bad the outside of the vehicle may not be as clean as we would like as the car would have to travel to get to you from the drivers home address we also reserve the right to substitute the vehicle to a more superior vehicle if your chosen vehicle is not available for any reason. We may also use an outside contractor to fulfil a booking if for a reason beyond our control.

Wedding Ribbons

If you have paid to have ribbons ?

All cars will have ribbons leaving the house but will be removed before the motorway and will be reattached before entering the venue. This is due to the ribbons scratching the paintwork on the vehicles. If don't wish to have ribbons on your vehicle at all please let us know.

Wedding Transfers

Note that a wedding transfer doesn't come with all the trimmings of a fully booked wedding car package and that the vehicle may have been working just before your booking therefore might not come and sparkling as you would expect for a fully booked wedding car. Also a wedding transfer vehicle won't come with any ribbons unless stated in your booking. The Vehicle will be as clean possible and sometimes you won't even notice. Alll drivers will still be suited and booted and the car inside will also be cleaned. Note that only a free 10 minute wait is allowed for this service and fees apply after the 10 minutes.

We can supply extras below ask for details >

Ribbons - N/A

Prosecco - N/A

Champagne - N/A

Beer - N/A

Treat Package - N/A

Strawberry’s - N/A

Raspberry’s - N/A


Special Requests - N/A


Deposit We require 

Deposit at time of booking.

Remaining balance to be paid on or before.

If booked in short notice then full balance to be paid at time of booking.

Waiting Time & Extra Charges

Note that waiting time is calculated at £55 per hour and each part of an hour after a free 10 minute wait at start of wait for our E or S Classes and £60.00 per hour for our V Class MPV.

If it's an airport pickup we allow 20 minutes after flight lands please always allow for baggage to be collected and passport control when booking the airport pickup time we suggest 45 minutes after due arrival time.

Airport car park charges are included up to £5.00 and toll roads are included in our prices. 

Please note if a flight is late or your baggage is lost and this causes you to be late anything over the £5 carpark charge you are liable to pay the balance and the waiting fee.

Any damage or soiling to the vehicle caused by passengers no mater how small must be paid in full at end of booking. Soiling is charged at £100.00.

Booking is priced as pickup to drop off at address given at time of booking any other drop offs or pickups need to be approved and paid for to the driver and only if the driver agrees. This includes forgetting passports and returning back to get it or luggage left behind in the vehicles you will be charged to return items back to your address.

Please Note if you have a lane or drive way that have over hanging trees or bushes that will bush against our vehicles then the driver has every right to not enter with fear of scratching the vehicle and you the customer must make your way to the vehicle where the driver feels its safe to do so.

Abusive Customers
Please Note that if a passenger is deemed to drunk or is abusive the driver has every right to refuse travel and without refund. This also includes being abusive to our office and telephone staff.


All Tours itineraries will have been agreed in advance and can only be changed with the consent of the management. 

Tour Time includes the time to get to your destination and the time to come back to drop off.

Unfortunately we can't wait all day on passenger's showing up so we do allow 30 mins after the booked time and after that you will have missed your tour so please contact us if you are late or delayed. The lost time will be deducted from your tour time. CONTACT OUR EMERGENCY NUMBER  +447802902296 

Unless stated then tickets to any of the venues / sites / attractions are not included nor is car parking fees for these sites.

Lunch is also not included in any prices and a driver will need at least a 45 minute break to take a lunch break. (this can usually be taken while your at one of the visitors attractions)

Unless you have specifically ordered a certain type, make, model of vehicle then we will send any type of vehicle that we think is suitable for the tour.



Please inform us of any dietary requirements and of any food allergies should you be having a meal stop booked by us.

Cancellations - 

We know more than most that cancellations happen and things change in peoples circumstances. So we try and be fair with our policy but you also got to understand we are a small family run business and when we take a booking that time slot is taken by you and we can't take another booking so therefore we lose revenue if you cancel at short notice.

If you cancel up to 7 days before travel we will refund you 100% of all Money

If you cancel between 7 days and 48 hours before travel we will refund 50% of Full amount if paid fully, if deposit is more than half the full amount then we will pay back any money more than half the full amount. if deposit is less than 50% of full amount no money will be paid back.

If you cancel within 48 hours of travel we really are sorry but we can't refund any monies as by this time we will have lost other bookings for your time slot and this is where we lose revenue.

How to Pay us.

Please do not pay using (bookipi) that comes with our invoices as we no longer accept that payment.

Bank Transfer

Revolut - Ask for details

PayPal - Ask for details

Credit/Debit Card - Ask for details

Cash is only acceptable when a deposit has been paid in advance and all cash payments must be paid to the driver before the journey starts.

Late Payment Fees

As a small business we would really appreciate paying us on time but we have had to add this clause into our T&Cs. A late fee of £60.00 will be added to any outstanding invoice every week until paid. If you are having a hard time paying then give us a call to talk through your options.

We also charge a 3% admin fee to all online payments.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you hereby grant First Class Chauffeur Services NI the irrevocable right and permission to take, use, re-use, publish, and republish photographs of you and/or your event taken by First Class Chauffeur Services NI or its agents. This consent covers the use of such photographs in all forms and media including but not limited to online, digital, and print media for marketing, advertising, promotion, and any other purposes related to First Class Chauffeur Services NI's business activities. This includes, without limitation, the right to use such photographs on our website, in social media posts, brochures, and other promotional materials.

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