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Private Belfast City Sightseeing Tour

A Journey Through Belfast's Heartbeat

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Belfast's history, art, and culture with our private city sightseeing tour. Navigate the once turbulent streets, now adorned with murals narrating Belfast's past, led by our experienced local guides. The stories behind Belfast's conflict-related attractions come alive as you traverse the open-air gallery that the city has transformed into. From the poignant Peace Wall to the architectural marvel of City Hall and the Titanic Area, every corner reveals a chapter of Belfast's journey. This tour, offering an intimate view of Belfast's evolution, is swiftly becoming Ireland's most sought-after experience.

As your journey begins at the bustling St George’s Market(weekends only), you're instantly transported to Belfast's Victorian era. As you proceed to landmarks like City Hall and the Crown Bar, the city's architectural marvels speak of its progress.

Yet, Belfast's soul is best captured on its walls. Murals at International Wall, Bobby Sands, and Shankill Road paint a vivid picture of the city's struggles and hopes. The Peace Wall stands as a symbol of both division and aspiration, a reminder of Belfast's journey towards reconciliation.

Visits to serene places of worship like Clonard Monastery juxtapose with the haunting tales of Crumlin Road Jail, showcasing the city's diverse facets. Belfast Castle and St Anne's Cathedral offer moments of reflection, while the Titanic Area stands as a tribute to human ambition.


  • How long is the tour?

    • This is a full-day comprehensive exploration of Belfast's key landmarks approx 7 hours.

  • Is there flexibility in the itinerary?

    • Absolutely, please let us know your preferences and we'll do our best to accommodate.

  • Itinerary

  • Tour Highlights

  • St George’s Market

  • City Hall

  • International Wall Murals

  • Bobby Sands Mural

  • Clonard Monastery

  • Peace Wall

  • Shankill Road & Murals

  • Crumlin Road Jail

  • Belfast Castle

  • St Anne's Cathedral

  • Titanic Area

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